Air Mobility Vehicles for Zero-Emission e-VTOL and Air Taxi: On-demand, point-to-any-point transportation. With zero pollution.

The evolution of e-VTOL Urban Air Mobility

Alakai Technologies has created cutting edge  e-VTOL Air Mobility Vehicles

• Safe, affordable, clean-fuel personal air vehicles for the next generation of travel
• Lower operating expense and complexity than traditional helicopters
• Designed for air taxi use, to revolutionize the way we travel within and between cities
• First to offer a realistic payload, range and flight duration, with zero emissions
• Patents are power-agnostic, covering fuel cells, batteries, engine-generators, and micro-turbines


e-VTOL clean-fuel Air Mobility Vehicles

eCopters are electric VTOL vehicles for everyday Air Taxi, civilian, security, DHS and DoD uses

Clean-tech on-demand urban mobility

for Air Taxi, deliveries, travel, defense, FEMA

Automated, simple, safe reliable operations

redundant power, motors, and autopilots

Point-to-any-point transportation

simple, reliable, robust, maneuverable

Clean and Green Hydrogen fuel-cells

environmentally-friendly travel

LPG/CNG or Hydrogen fuel-cell

clean, pollution-free, zero-emission flight

Vertical take off and landing

no more wasted time in massive traffic jams



• Simple, reliable, robust maneuverable flight facilitated by 6 efficient, direct-drive motors
• Clean-tech, on-demand mobility for air taxi, point-to-any-point travel, defense and security
• Safe, trustworthy, redundant autopilots manage vehicle stability and operations
• Airframe parachute
• Piloted (initial cert) and Drone (fully autonomous) Modes
• Max Airspeed (Vne) 102 kts (118 mph)
• Multiple US and foreign patents

Environmentally friendly and efficient, there’s on-board fuel for two hours flight, and only takes four minutes to refuel

Safe, simple, and reliable, our e-VTOL vehicles seat up to four adults and have a baseline payload of 1,000 pounds

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● Broader Applications - Our payload and flight duration are 2 to 5X better than our competitors. Because we aren't constrained by the limitations of batteries.

● Quick Roadmap to Revenue - Air taxi and government sales for piloted operations are not dependent on pending FAA regulations for autonomous flight

● Patents and IP - Issued patents for e-VTOL give us solid protection and revenue through licensing and partnerships

● Manufacturing/Assembly - utilizing existing and proven motor, autopilot and software technologies

● Experience - a solid team of aerospace experts with FAA, NASA, Air Taxi, Rotorcraft, and production experience


Urban Air Mobility - 3D Travel

Most smart city concepts are focused mostly on ground solutions.

Alakai's e-VTOL vehicles offer a cure for pollution, traffic congestion, and wasted time

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